Thanks for looking at my Blog. I’m Cook Steve. Just your average hardworking guy who loves to cook new and exiting things as a hobby. I started with posting pictures of my recipes and meals I have made on Facebook. People that know me and have eaten at my table tell me I should have chosen cooking as a career. I wonder sometimes If I should have made that choice. What can I say. I love to cook. I cook just about anything that is bad for you. So If you love Bacon, you’re in the right place!!!I love cooking Soups, Sauces, Pasta, Pizza, Barbecue, Roasts etc. And usually Bacon is involved somewhere. So here I am. Hope you enjoy the food I share on this blog. If you try a recipe, let me know how you liked it…




  1. Brother I’ve tried to replicate a Bocce’s pizza. It’s a tough thing to do because I can never get the dough just right. I can tell you this. Use equal measurements of all purpose and bread flour . Use a 2-1 mozzarella provolone mixture for the cheese. Also sprinkle oregano on before baking. Use high quality stick pepperoni and tomato paste as a base for your sauce. Add basil, oregano, salt, garlic, sugar and a bit of water to thin it out a tad. Cook it on a preheated pizza stone. You may have to experiment a bit to get it down to a science. Good luck.

  2. I think I got the dough and the Margherita pepperoni down. I have used a high-gluten flour and it seems to work. Let me know if you want the recipe/ratios. I’ll try your cheese ratio and sauce! Thanks for the tips!

    Another question if you don’t mind…The “certain hot dog place in Buffalo” uses Shalen’s. But when I cook them, they’re a bit different. I’ve even tried using sheep skin casing and it’s still missing something. Could it be the charcoal? I think they use Humphrey Hardwood.

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