Brined Smoked BBQ Chicken Leg Quarters!!!



Who Doesn’t Like the taste of a moist juicy fall off the bone piece of BBQ Chicken. If you’ve never had smoked BBQ Chicken, your missing somthing out of your life. I tell you what. I didn’t know jack squat about bbq 3 years ago. I had a gas grill. I cooked direct over the flame and chicken would flame up and char the outside while the inside would be under cooked.  Here’s the secret. Indirect cooking. It’s like baking in the oven. What I did for this recipe is I brined the chicken in a saltwater sugar brine for 24 hours and I smoked the chicken “Low and Slow”.

To brine is to soak you meat in a saltwater sugar solution to moisture infuse.  When the saltwater and sugar come in contact with the meat, the meat draws the moisture and flavors inside. When you cook it it stays moist. You can add all kinds of spices our use some chicken stock. Many recipes for brine can be found online. In this case I used 1/2 cup coarse salt and 2/3 cup brown sugar to a gallon of water. If you use regular table salt only use a 1/4 cup.  After 24 hours rinse chicken and pat dry.

The definition of Low and Slow is a low temperature ( 225-275 degrees) and a slow cook. Cooking at this temperature slowly breaks down the connective tissue in the meat and leaves it moist and tender.  I cooked this chicken about 250 for 4 hours with my Char-griller offset smoker.  Then I brushed it with BBQ Sauce and moved it over to a direct grill to crisp up the skin. I like a crispy skin on my chicken.  Enjoy…




IMG_20140123_133831_783 IMG_20140124_142458_333 IMG_20140124_153908_932


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